Art Dispensary

Art Dispensary
30 x 700 x 200

Bargain Basket
350 x 250 x 100

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys. Correx Rave Signs, Cable Ties, Hand Drawn Originals in Mass-produced Scandinavian frame, Democracy

Photography from ‘Patchwork Arcade’ at Twenty One Southend by Tessa Hallmannn

Art Dispensary Instructions; - *TOMA, Interim Show 2023
- Human Remains, Art Hub gallery 2023
- Bow Arts Open, Lakeside Gallery 2023

Democratic destruction, a collaborative effort to question pricing systems and the financial value of art throgh disrupting the perceived quality or personal value.

‘The market is a terrorist.’

First shown at Twenty One Southend as part of the TOMA interim show ‘Patchwork Arcade’ and then at Art Hub Gallery, Deptford as part of ‘Human Remains’ a show of Pat Lunch & Fredrix Vermin and most recently at Bow Arts open Studio in The Lake Side Centre

On all occaisions I have also been present at some point bootlegging works similar to that held in the dispensary. 

After making a selection participants may choose to discard the artwork in the Bargain Basket. I regularly would restock the Dispensary from the Bargain Basket.