UI/UX Design

First class BA (hons) Fine Art Sculpture
specialising in Drawing and Time Based Media
The School of Art, Architecture and Design, (London Metropolitan University)

Curatorial Assistant,
The Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) Islington London

Intern,The Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) Islington London

London:Zagreb art exchange
organised by Ben Cain

2008-2009 Foundation in Art, Media & Design The School of Art, Architecture and Design (London Metropolitan University)


Fredrix Vermin is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited internationally and is the founder of The House of Parakeet as well as  part of the micro publishing collective GROTTI.

Working across mediums such as print, object making, performance, video and installation, drawing is always a vital starting point and integral thread through the work. Collaboration and interaction are considered to be an essential part of practice through organising and curating group shows including making collaborative pieces. The work regularly takes the form of installed environments or fragments from constructed worlds and plays with the space between repulsion and allure. Institutional critique and humour are often at the centre.

Artworking exists in the wider sphere of creative persuit as a critical endevour. During my studies I often travelled to Germany to collaborate with E1 Atillier and have since seen the benifit of  peer lead international art exchange. In 2020 The House of parakeet will begin a unique residency program for Artists and Chefs (paused due to Covid-19 safety advice). 2020 also sees the founding year of Proper Rubbish, a small scale localised recycling project specialising in plastics and alluminium, aimed at using waste to make desirable and functional everyday art objects.