Gung Ho

“It’s amazing, is that a real bronze?”

-KAE TEMPEST, Writer and Poet

"Gung Ho brings together the work of seven artists from South-East London. Conceived and lead by Pat Lunch & Fredrix Vermin, Gung Ho comprises installation, flat, and sculptural works. For Gung Ho, Pat and Fredrix have built a traditional pub (The Dumb Bell - World Famous Weightlifters Boozer) in the gallery, replete with ex-weightlifing champion and regular, Argy Bargy. The project seeks to replicate the atmosphere of a pub in the gallery and will include events such A Meat Raffle, Shit Bingo and a Pub Quiz."

-Press Release

For me the project was a success when the facade became reality. I don’t think we’d anticipated how believable the illusion had become. The bar was mainly made of scrap wood like banister spindles and doors, but the top was entirely corrugated plastic covered in wood effect vinyl, the brass foot bar was an old curtain rail that was hoiked out of a skip. On the opening night people ordering drinks asked “Do you take card?” And “Can I just have a tap water?”...there was no plumbing into the gallery.

Jon Mayers
Clara Kelly
Massive Arms
Frances Stanfield
Lucy Mcgeown
Helen Ashton
Fredrix Vermin