Human Remains

Human Remains Install.

Wrap It Up, Trolly Chair
& Cheeky Cheese Burger Install

Eating Myself (Self Portrait Series)
1100 x 800 x 50mm
used Take Away bags veneered onto wooden board

Custardy Install & Detail

500 x 500 x 700mm Tarmac, Custard Broken glass, teeth, Human Blood & Tears. Custardy text photocopied onto crumpled A4, 80gsm printer paper.

McDevilry 1100 x 800 x 50mm Used Take away Bags, reciepts and 24kt. gold leaf on wooden board

Fool’s Gold

Self Portrait, after. Elvis Presley & The Stone Roses

Reclaimed wooden board coated in used Mcdee’s brown paper bags gilt in foil embossing remnants for James Purdy & Sons LTD Gun & Rifle makers.

Royal Seal, over indulgence, false pride, ambition, residue.

1000 x 1500 x 50mm

Cheeky Cheeseburger & Detail 1200 x 1200 x 50mm Time-lapse portrait, 12hrs of customised cheese burger wrappers vaneered onto a takeaway bag covered board

That Was The Week That Was
(Self-portrait series)

Used disposable vapes backed on photographs from Bubble Scum Vol.1

Moody Mondays
100 x 150 x 15mm

100 x 150 x 15mm 

Wanker Wednesdays
100 x 150 x 15mm 

Thirsty Thursdays100 x 150 x 15mm 

Fuk-Tup Fridays
100 x 150 x 15mm 

Shutdown Sundays
100 x 150 x 15mm

Wrap it Up

Capturing of a moment.

Reclaimed wooden board coated in used Mcdee’s brown paper bags, painting of a fantasy ice cream, wrapped in a section of discarded industrial tarpaulin.

Indulgence, shame, neglect, overprotection

800 x 1100 x 50mm

High Rise
Mandy House Mark.II

Salvaged Correx rave sign collection, roofing batten, limerence

1200 x 2400 x 900mm

‘Human Remains uncovers new work from Helen Ashton (aka Pat Lunch) and Fredrix Vermin.

Taking inspiration from the detritus of South East London, Ashton displays drawings depicting the late-night convenience landscape of Lewisham, while Vermin recontextualises fast food packaging as self portraits and shopping trolleys scavenged by cover of night as luxury items.

Where there’s muck there’s brass.

Out of a shared interest in the left behind and neglected corners, or edge lands of their environment, the artists present familiar everyday sights redefined as subjects worthy of attention.’ 
Press Release - Pat Lunch

After collaborating for over a decade and working on various projects including
The Readers, The Dumb Bell & The House of  Parakeet, Pat and myself returned to Art Hub Gallery, Deptford. A place where we cut our artistic teeth and have organised many group shows. The building is due to be demolished in 2024 and replaced with shiney new flats. 

It felt important to return one last time and celebrate what we’ve achived here and acknowledge those that have been an important part of it.

The work I included is made from discarded, stolen and neglected materials that manifest as ‘self portraits’.
The shape of a person can usually be found by what remains after they’re cut out of the image. 

This show came at a moment of greif and loss, and a point of real questioning in my life. Peicing myself together again, realising my gender, sexuality and my place in the external world, along with all the privelidges and challenges these things can bring.

2nd – 4th June 
Opening Event 2nd June 6-9pm
Art Hub Gallery, Deptford