INCON with...11
‘Can Be Wrong for the Right Reasons’ 

“We know what we are doing…but, we can be wrong for the right reasons.”

A collaborative project aimed at investigating the limitations of artistic practice.

“Its important that we give ourselves a structure. A series of rules, or proceedures”
-Neil Ferguson

By actively  limiting our materials, tools and their potential usage, the aim was to provide a  structure that enabled us to clearly see previously formed habbits of art production and examine them. The attempt was to create an artwork devoid of a singlular ego and make a truely collaborative work. At the same time we were persuing an understanding of what makes  our  practices different from each others as well as looking for the commanalities.

‘My friend, she said it just looked like a big pile of shit on the table..which is good,  because it is,  and so it should do”
-Majeic Blazejeski