“Doing Numbers… is an event acknowledging and celebrating the twentieth In Conversation with… event, INCON(20), where previous  collaborators have been invited to provide work using, containing or about numbers. Numbers direct our lives. What do we choose to recognise through numbers?”

-Neil Ferguson

The work I contributed was ‘No One’, a floor drawing made with vinyl tape. It reads as Number one; a hero, a champion but in fact highlights feelings on inadequacy when read in conjunction with the title and placement. Walk all over me, I’m a no body.

The work was a reactionary response to feeling of being shortlisted for the RA summer show and feeling on top of the world, a Number One, and then and the plummeting realisation when my work wasn’t chosen to be hung that I felt like I was  just a number,
a No One.

Walk all over me,
I’m dead

To work with Neil again and invite all the artists & creatives that have collaborated (and also invite supporters, participators and contributors to the INCON series) to submit work felt like an inclusive and meaningful way to celebrate this landmark. Collating and hanging the work came with it’s own set of challenges but it felt important to bring all involved together. Recognising and acknowleding that it’s not just the artist that make the work, but also those who attend and offer their opinions and views.

Artist and contributor names to be added shortly