Metafrolical (Humanities LTD)

Not so much an exhibition, as a production line where the personnel are technically accomplished Fine Art graduates. The operation is called Humanities LTD and it mass produces art for the mainstream.

During Art Licks Weekend Humanities LTD will be producing paintings of that most reliably salable subject matter, dogs. Or one dog in particular, Picasso’s dog, Bob the Afghan Hound. Witness the development of artworks as each member of the production line executes a different phase of the process. Attendees are welcome to apply for a position at Humanities LTD, as Art Licks Weekend also doubles as a recruitment drive. See below:

‘Are you an artist? Are you struggling? Need to get a foot in the Art World door? Are you ready to be exploited? Are you any good at drawing/painting dogs? Amazingly gruelling unpaid work available at Humanities LTD. Join your impoverished peers in creating beautifully contrived commercial artefacts!’

Luke Merrywather
Tom Shipman
Helen Ashton
Fredrix Vermin