Show Of*

‘Increasing external, social and cultural pressures may suggest it is easier to not make art than to make it.

This group of 10 emerging art graduates from the Sir John Cass School of Art reject this suggestion and have created a Show of what they do by considering what Show(ing) Of(f) actually offers individuals and an audience.

Show Of* is formed out of various Art practices, including Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Performance. These Show Of(f)’s aim to explore and provoke conventions of display and audience acceptance, 
considering what Show(ing) Of(f) may be to all those practicipating

Show Of* recognises that artworks are not easy to hamonise or convenient to catagorise, classify and value, but looks to promote the very nature of making art as an engagement with these challenges.’

-NEIL FERGUSON, Exhibition Advisor

Gabriel Andreu
Harry Bauer
Amelia Bauskis
Elena Dimitrova
Irene Godfrey
Jenni Hodgeson
David McSweeny
Veronica Vascile
Fredrix Vermin