“This colossal open-air exhibition of modern sculpture is set to brace the elements for 9 weeks as 40+ artworks are erected across 4 acres of open grassland.”

THIS AINT ENUF was originally a comment on the climate issues caused by post-colonial and industrialist ideals, and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and guilt in tackling them. The original work was unfortunately destroyed during a time of great personal upheaval. Mark II represents something more personal, an acceptance of grounding futility in my life caused by mental illness and its repercussions. A humbling shoulder shrug and palms to the sky moment.

Gallery No.32’s annual Winter Sculpture Park (WSP) provides artists with a platform to exhibit their artwork in an anti-elitist environment, bringing art to the public eye. It challenges the system in-place for artists & breeds a community of exchange, extending beyond the creative sphere & into the community. As an artist-led gallery and exhibition space, Gallery No.32 encourages social art through participatory exhibitions and community events.

Exhibiting Artists:
Annie Strachan
Catriona Robertson
Cecily Loveys Jervoise
Charlotte Cullen
Deborah Frith
Diana Zrnic
Dollyolli Ella Martin
Ema Mano Epps
Emma Louise Moore
Emma Papworth
Erika Trotzig
Frederix Vermin
Gabriela Pelczarska
Gloria Sulli
Helen K Grant
James, Cross
Jane Thomson
Jesse Tadini Rybolt
Joe Edwardes-Evans
Lily Bunney
Liz Clifford
Lorraine Snape
Lucy Faherty
Marie-Louise Jones
Martha Ellis
Matt Foster
Mez Kerr Jones
Mike Lowry
Nicola Turner
Nigel Wood
Patrick Colhoun
Philio Michael Wolfson
Tere Chad
Titus Davies
Tom Cardew
Tom Witherick
Vanessa Walters
Wenwen Liu