The work was produced with the Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) as part of their Moot Series. Taking inspiration from flight paths, recording percieved trajectories of time and the architecture of the gallery itself. The aim was to test measurements, representations and shifts in tracking linear time,  in a physical space.

An  ‘ephemeral clock’  used tape to mark the point at which light hit the wall  from a nearby window at poignant moments of thought or discussion throughout the install.

Other marks were made on walls and doorways echoing interior detailing using vinyl sheets and tape to suggest a pushing and depening of physical space. These were abstractions and extentions of the building itself. The floor drawing was a replica ‘Blueprint” of the gallery footprint that was shifed on its central axis. 

Mike’s work was a series of drawings on paper  focussed on simulating flight paths wich paralelled the marking of shifting timelines and their physical manifestations.

Mike Graham
Fredrix Vermin

‘Blueprint’ and Doorway.
Photography by Leonora saunders